Using the template

click here to download  the  template

The template is in .docx format. Which means that when you open it in Microsoft Word, it opens as a new document, which needs to be saved with a new name.

Use the following method to import your text into the template:

You can simply type your own text over sections of this document or cut and paste from another document.

 If you choose to cut and paste, select the text from your original Word document and choose Home>Copy. In Word 2007 and below, choose Edit>Copy

Open the template file. Place your cursor in the text area of the template and select Home>Paste>Text Only (Or Edit>Paste Special. When the Paste Special box opens, choose “unformatted text” in Word 2007 and earlier). This will paste the text using the formatting style of the template). Please note that special formatting (e.g., subscripts, superscripts, italics) may be lost when you copy your text into the template. You should reapply the special formats after copying the texts into the template.


How to Create a table (or figure) that extends across the two columns in the template

Step 1.

On the last line before the table, press enter and then insert a Continuous Section Break (Layout>Breaks>Continuous).

Step 2.

Select the whole table content by either clicking the small cross-arrow sign that appears at the top left corner of the table, or by placing the cursor in the table, and then clicking Layout>Select>Select Table.

Step 3.

While the whole table is selected, click Layout>Columns>One.  

Step 4

Select the whole table once again, Click Autofit>Autofit Window. The table should extend across the two columns.

Note that the contents above the table is now separate from the contents below the table. This means that spaces may appear between the table and the contents above it if you try to insert texts or other contents above the table. Therefore, adapting tables to extend across the two columns should be the very last editing that you do before submission.