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This review examines the landscape of HIV testing and treatment for Nigerian adolescents and young adults,aiming to enhance its quality. It analyses existing strategies, challenges and opportunities within Nigeria's care system. Throughcomprehensive evaluation, it seeks to propose recommendations for improving HIV care delivery, particularly targeting theyouth population.


A comprehensive electronic search on published articles, from 2005 to 2024, on HIV prevention and care amongNigerian adolescents and young adults and related issues was conducted. Searches were performed on PubMed, Cochranelibraries, Google and Semantic Scholar. Advanced Boolean searches were utilized for focused results, limited to English-language articles.


Addressing the HIV epidemic among Nigerian adolescents and young adults requires a comprehensive andinclusive approach that recognizes the vital role of private health facilities. By fostering collaborative governance andpromoting partnerships between public and private sector stakeholders, Nigeria can strengthen its HIV prevention andmanagement efforts, ultimately leading to better outcomes for adolescents and young adults affected by HIV/AIDS.

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